1.  A Call for Collaborative CS+ IS HCI Studies. Tamara Babaian

2. Are 109 Participants Really Enough? Jennifer Lee Carlson

3. Quantifying User Experience in a Sales Journey. Ken Chizinsky & Jennifer Lee Carlson

4. Multidisciplinary Team Collaboration Builds Creativity and Synergy among HCI Researchers. Ann Fruhling

5. Using Theory to Bridge HCI Communities. Camille Grange

6. Learning from Past Efforts to Bridge HCI Communities. Jonathan Grudin

7. Building Bridges with Transparent Statistics. Shion Guha, Matthew Kay, Steve Haroz, & Pierre Dragicevic

8. Improve Your Behavioral Study with a Complementary Neurophysiological Study and Vice Versa. Jeffrey Jenkins,  Anthony Vance, C. Brock KirwanDaniel Bjornn, & Bonnie Brinton Anderson 

9. Applying HCI Concepts to Human Resource Technology: Bridging Three Fields. Richard D. Johnson

10. Creating Research Frameworks to Bridge the Divides in HCI Research. Bart P. Knijnenburg

11. Gamification as a Catalyst for Collaboration. Mario Passalacqua, Lennart E. Nacke & Pierre-Majorique Léger

12. Managing Conflicting Demands during an Action Design Research Project.  Sandeep Purao & Arvind Karunakaran

13. To Address the Three-Horned Dilemma in HCI: A Mixed-Method and Cross-Cultural Research Approach. Yani Shi, Choon Ling Sia, Chuan Hoo Tan, & Jiaqi Yan

14. Rock the Research: Creating Effective Partnerships to Achieve High Impact. Ben Shneiderman

15. Bridging AIS SIGHCI and ACM SIGCHI: Obstacles and Opportunities. Noam Tractinsky